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Chemical feed solutions.
The chemical dosing pump system simplifies the various requirements for liquid dosing. Complete, pre-installed solutions meet the most complex quantitative requirements.

Convenient pumping systems are the main advantage of liquid dosing compared to individual devices.

There is only one provider.
Multi-purpose and uniform pump system.
No need to install each device, The entire pump system is fully installed.
The low-cost pump system is suitable for a variety of chemical dosing purposes.

Frame of pumping system made of solid 304 steel material.
Quantitative dosing pumps use standard Milton-Roy dosing pumps, Pulsanfeeder dosing pumps, pellet / pellet pumps.

Flow rate of 0.1lit / h – 600lit / h
Materials: uPVC, SS304 ….

Control equipment : simple control panels, or advanced PLC control systems to handle your specific requirements..
Industrial Calibration (CALIBRATION COLUMNS) helps the user to accurately determine the dose to use Use the [/ button]
Plastic ball valve, plastic filter, plastic safety valve is made of high quality plastic, able to withstand high pressure and durability when operating.

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